2D side scrolling platformer​

Marauders: corona of the sky is a simple 2d platformer with level selection in the vein of megaman thrown together with strider style sword combat. The game was a solo project done by myself.

Video of the game here: Youtube Trailer

Older version video of the game: Youtube trailer
You can download the latest build  Here


Eternal Step

2D Rogue lite dungeon crawler​

a eogue lite tower climbing loot game. I worked on all the art assets, animations and created the game in construct 2. Published by greenman gaming publishing on steam. 

Trailer for the game here: Youtube trailer

You can find the game here:  Steam page

Tile Driver

Tile Puzzle Game

A puzzle game I Worked on in Independendent dream LTD and self published by them. All the Art and animation was done by myself.

Trailer for the game here: Youtube trailer



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